With a huge capacity, the 78L Fridge Freezer provides sufficient space to keep a touring family well stocked with cold food and drinks during off road tours.

  • Capacity: 78 litres (120 x 375ml cans)

  • External Dimensions: H508mm x W450mm x D845mm

  • Internal Dimensions – Fruit & Dairy Compartment: H206mm x W355mm x D151mm

  • Internal Dimensions – Main Compartment: H401mm x W355mm x D477mm

  • Weight: 27.1kg

  • Cooling Capacity: +10°C to -18°C

  • Power: Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power. Integrated battery protection system

  • Current Draw: 1.07 amps/hour* (*Average power consumption tested at 3°C cabinet temperature, 26°C-31°C ambient temperature range, test duration of 66 hours and supply voltage of 12V DC)